Policies and Procedures


Building Owners and Managers

Association of Jacksonville, Inc.


Effective as of the 10th day of January, 2024.


The Board of Directors of Building Owners and Managers Association of Jacksonville, Inc., has adopted the following policies and procedures effective as of the date set forth above.  The Board of Directors may supplement or revise these policies from time to time.


The policies and procedures in place as of the above effective date are as follows:


    1. Code of Professional Ethics
    2. Business Etiquette Policy
    3. Communications Policy
    4. Logo Use Policy
    5. Travel Policy
    6. Associate Membership Bypass Waitlist Policy
    7. Principle Scholarship Fund Policy
    8. Harassment and Alcohol Policy
    9. Whistleblower Policy
    10. Antitrust Policy


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  1. Code of Professional Ethics

To provide an ongoing value to our membership, the Building Owners and Managers Association of Jacksonville, Inc. (BOMA Jacksonville), must maintain public confidence in the honesty, integrity, professionalism and ability of our individual members.  To achieve this confidence, we the constituency subscribes to the following Code of Ethics and pledge:

Whenever possible, we shall strive to be honest, ethical, fair, and exhibit the utmost business loyalty to BOMA Jacksonville and our clients.  We shall not engage in any activity, which could be reasonably construed as a conflict of interest, unethical, not in the best interests of BOMA Jacksonville and/or our clients and members.  We shall not accept, directly or indirectly, any rebate, fee, commission, discount, or other benefit, whether monetary or otherwise, to which we are not lawfully and ethically entitled.


We shall not disclose any standard and/or confidential information which could be injurious or damaging, either professionally or personally, with respect to BOMA Jacksonville, a BOMA Jacksonville member, or any client without their written permission, except as required by applicable laws or regulations.

We shall continuously and consistently exercise our best efforts in protecting our client’s property against any and all reasonably foreseeable losses and/or claims to the extent that we can reasonably do so.  We shall do our best to make sure that all safety procedures within our jurisdiction are adhered to in order to maintain work areas in a safe, clean, and orderly manner and we shall perform all services required to be provided by us in a timely and efficient manner and to the best of our abilities.


We shall continuously and consistently perform our duties whereby our members’ and/or customers’ rights are acknowledged, respected, and upheld with the goal of creating as little inconvenience as is reasonably possible.

We shall at all times comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations and maintain the highest moral and ethical standards such as to avoid even the appearance of impropriety.


We acknowledge the need for, and shall promote, continuing education so that our members and peers, when applicable, shall have the opportunity to stay current and gain valuable, current knowledge regarding services, products, and laws applicable to their respective professions.


We acknowledge that this Code of Ethics applies to all BOMA Jacksonville members, and we commit ourselves to an obligation to not only share this Code of Ethics with our members, but also to take all reasonable steps to ensure our members abide by this Code.

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  1. Business Etiquette Policy

As with all meetings, functions and events, members are encouraged to remember BOMA Jacksonville’s Mission Statement: BOMA Jacksonville is to enhance commercial real estate ownership and management through effective leadership, education, networking and advocacy.


BOMA Jacksonville is a vehicle for business networking and the manner in which this is done must be on a professional level. The following guidelines should be followed when attending BOMA Jacksonville sponsored events. These guidelines should enhance the individual member’s experience as well as help in providing an effective environment for BOMA Jacksonville events:

  • Feel free to introduce yourself to other members whether they are Principal Members or Associate Members. Anyone can be a good professional resource for you regardless of his/her title.
  • Building relationships with other members is important for our individual professions as well as for the overall wellbeing of the association. Asking good questions and listening is key to cultivating these relationships. Regularly attending functions also makes this connection process easier since establishing a relationship does not necessarily happen in one meeting.
  • Networking is a two-way street.  Principal Members should be receptive to Associate Members. Principal Members can gain helpful information from Associate Members and vice versa.
  • Handing out business cards is not necessarily effective networking.  After you have met someone and it is appropriate, ask him or her if they would like your card.  If the situation warrants or he/she wants you to send something, you can also ask for his/her card with the assurance that it is for your use only.
  • Take the initiative to make BOMA Jacksonville a welcoming association. Greet new members/guests at functions and make a point of meeting someone new by sitting with him/her at an event. These gestures increase your networking base and also represent the association in a very favorable way.
  • Educational sessions are not just for Principal Members. Associate Members should consider attending periodically to keep up to date on current issues affecting the property management industry.
  • All cell phones should be silenced (or on vibrate) during luncheon/seminar programs. To avoid distracting the presenter, if possible, return calls during a break or when the presentation has concluded.
  • Avoid having excessive side conversations and/or comments during the program. This may distract the others from effectively hearing the material being presented.  Also, if you know you cannot stay for the entire program, take a seat towards the back of the room and/or let the speaker know you will need to slip out early.


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  1. Communications Policy

To respect the privacy of our members and maintain the professionalism of our association, the Board of Directors incorporates the following communications policy.

Reasons for implementing:

  • To maintain privacy of members’ emails sent from BOMA Jacksonville (Note: emails from BOMA Jacksonville office are sent blind copied).  If you believe there has been a violation or breach of this process, please alert an Officer of BOMA Jacksonville immediately.
  • To comply with all internal communications policy requirements, including but not limited to required legal language.
  • To ensure professionalism is maintained regarding content and presentation of communications of BOMA Jacksonville members.
  • To ensure only BOMA Jacksonville related information is being communicated.

The policy:

The communication process for BOMA Jacksonville members (including but not limited to email, phone, text message and physical mail) is utilized to communicate BOMA Jacksonville-related materials, activities and information that are deemed of value and/or interest to members.  All communications sent to the entire membership needs to be sent out from the BOMA Jacksonville office to insure the above issues are met and maintained.  The BOMA Jacksonville communication process shall not be used to distribute notices regarding activities of other organizations (unless jointly sponsored or approved by BOMA Jacksonville).  In emergency situations where a message needs to be sent outside the above stated parameters, the executive committee or President will make a decision on a case-by-case basis. The content of any such communications from its members are the views of the communicating member and not of BOMA Jacksonville.

How this affects members:

As members, you are still permitted to use the member directory as you choose provided that you are the only one accessing the list and you follow the communications policy. Access to the membership list is a member benefit, please do not abuse it.  Such communications must be originated from your business address and not BOMA Jacksonville’s.

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  1. Logo Use Policy

BOMA Jacksonville welcomes members to use the association logo on the member’s marketing materials, business cards, etc.  It is imperative that the logo is used under the license guidelines below to:

  • Prevent jeopardizing the association’s rights.
  • Avoid potential liabilities.
  • Prevent damaging the association’s brand.
  • Avoid creating a false impression of an association endorsement or guarantee where one does not otherwise exist.

The logo is the property of BOMA Jacksonville and may be used by BOMA Jacksonville members in good standing in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth below.  Use of the association’s logo shall constitute consideration for, agreement to, and acceptance of the following terms and conditions of this license by the member:

  1. The logo is the sole and exclusive property of BOMA Jacksonville.  The logo may be used only by BOMA Jacksonville members in good standing (current member) when used pursuant to the terms and conditions of this limited and revocable license. Any failure by a member to comply with the terms and conditions contained herein may result in the immediate revocation of this license, in addition to any other sanctions that may be imposed by BOMA Jacksonville.  The interpretation and enforcement (or lack thereof) of these terms and conditions, and compliance therewith, shall be made by BOMA Jacksonville in its sole discretion.  Any failure of BOMA Jacksonville to strictly enforce this policy shall not constitute a waiver of any rights of BOMA Jacksonville to enforce this policy at any time thereafter.
  2. Any member using the logo must have prior written approval and the member must provide BOMA Jacksonville BAE the proof before production/printing commences or placement of the logo takes place.
  3. The logo will be made available by the BAE to BOMA Jacksonville members in good standing.  The logo may not be revised or altered in any way and must be displayed in the same form as produced by BOMA Jacksonville.
  4. The logo may be used in a professional manner on the member’s business cards, stationery, literature, advertisements, storefront window, website, or in any other comparable manner to signify the member’s membership in BOMA Jacksonville. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the logo may not be used in any manner that, in the sole discretion of BOMA Jacksonville discredits BOMA or tarnishes its reputation and goodwill; is false or misleading; violates the rights of others; violates any law, regulation, or other public policy; or mischaracterizes the relationship between BOMA and the member, including but not limited to any use of the logo that might be reasonably construed as an endorsement, approval, sponsorship, or certification by BOMA of the member, the member’s business or organization, or the member’s products or services, or that might be reasonably construed as support or encouragement to purchase or utilize the member’s products or services.
  5. Use of the logo shall create no rights for members in or to the logo or its use beyond the terms and conditions of this limited and revocable license.  The logo shall remain at all times the sole and exclusive intellectual property of BOMA Jacksonville. BOMA Jacksonville shall have the right, from time to time, to request samples of use of the logo from which it may determine compliance with these terms and conditions.  Without further notice, BOMA Jacksonville reserves the right to prohibit the use of the logo if it determines, in its sole discretion, that a member’s logo usage, whether willful or negligent, is not in strict accordance with the terms and conditions of this license, otherwise could discredit BOMA Jacksonville or tarnish its reputation and goodwill, or the member is not a BOMA Jacksonville member in good standing.
  6. Any questions concerning the use of the logo or the terms and conditions of this license should be directed to the BOMA Jacksonville BAE at boma@bomajacksonville.org.

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  1. Travel Policy

BOMA Jacksonville will reimburse reasonable travel expenses for members who are pre-approved by the Board to travel on behalf of BOMA Jacksonville and who comply with this policy.


In order to receive reimbursement, expenses must be submitted to the association office within 90 days of the date that the expense was incurred and accompanied by all appropriate documentation. IRS regulations require documentary evidence, such as a receipt or a paid bill for all expenses. Please submit receipts for all expenses.


Expenses are reimbursable for members only; spouse expenses are not reimbursable. Pre-approved expenses may include the following:


Registration Fees

All registration fees for conferences. Individuals who attend as representatives of BOMA Jacksonville are expected to:

  • Attend all sessions/meetings including, but not limited to one education session or meeting in every session time block; all general sessions; the TOBY event if included in the registration or if a ticket was purchased
  • Not participate in such leisure activities that conflict with scheduled conference events and/or BOMA Jacksonville planned activities
  • Report on the conference or meeting


To and From the Airport

Approved modes of transportation:

  • Public transportation
  • Taxi/ride-share
  • Parking- if leaving a vehicle at the airport please choose the least expensive lot


Airline Travel

  • Economy coach, non-refundable only, upgrades may be made at the traveler’s own expense
  • To attain the lowest fare, reservations must be made 30 days in advance of the travel date, if possible
  • Curbside check-in is not reimbursable, please self-check
  • Checked luggage fees, but not overweight luggage fees, will be reimbursed
  • Expenses incurred while in flight for food, beverages, earphones or other services are not reimbursable


To and From Approved Conferences or Meetings

Approved modes of transportation:

  • Taxi/ride-share
  • Airport shuttle
  • Rental car, in limited and pre-approved situations
  • Car rental should be utilized only when other suitable and less expensive means of transportation are not practical or readily available
  • If car rental is necessary, only compact or intermediate size vehicles will be approved
  • When more than one individual is traveling to the same location, only one car will be rented and reimbursed
  • Mileage per IRS approved amounts



  • Rates at conference/meeting host hotels are acceptable. Alternate lodging should be at comparable rates
  • Reimbursement is for single occupancy, except in instances where two traveling on BOMA Jacksonville business are eligible for reimbursement
  • In-hotel room food when meals are not provided in registration for conferences
  • Telephone calls and in-room movies are not reimbursable
  • In-hotel Internet connections are not reimbursable, please use Wi-Fi in lobbies



  • Reasonable, actual expenses for food and beverage, when not provided by the conferences or meeting registration will be reimbursed.  BOMA expects our members to treat this expense as if they were paying and not to expense out of the ordinary meals.  Two alcohol drinks included with a dinner meal is acceptable. These expenses for only the BOMA Member will be reimbursed.



  • Cab/ride-share and public transportation during the conference are reimbursable when taken to and from meals or meetings
  • Valet parking costs are not reimbursable unless self-parking is not available.  Self-parking should be utilized at all times if available
  • Laundry service is not reimbursable
  • Purchase of additional clothing items are not reimbursable
  • Parking fees and tolls are reimbursable
  • Reasonable and customary tips for drivers, doormen, food service, and housekeeping service are reimbursable



When traveling with a spouse or personal companion, only the BOMA representative’s expenses are reimbursable. Similarly, when combining vacation before or after the business trip, the trip must be split appropriately between business and personal expenses. Only the business expenses will be reimbursed.


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  1. Associate Membership Bypass Waitlist Policy

Associate Membership is available to any company whose business is engaged in a trade, industry, or profession that provides goods or services within the commercial real estate building industry. This Associate membership is for one (1) designated representative within the company.  Unless otherwise set forth in the Bylaws, the Associate Membership includes membership in BOMA International and BOMA Florida for one (1) designated representative from the company.

**Please note: The membership dues payment is required at the time of official application acceptance. Principal applicants are automatically approved; therefore, payment is due on submission of the application below.


Associate Member Wait List Policy

Please be advised that BOMA International has instituted recommendations for local affiliates to use a 50/50 ratio of Principal Members to Associate Members. If the local affiliate is not currently at a 50/50 status, a wait list shall be maintained for potential Associate Members waiting to join. This wait list shall be maintained on a chronological basis, first come-first served unless the potential Associate Member qualifies for a wait list bypass as provided below.


Wait List Bypass

Within the sole discretion of the Board of Directors, a potential Associate Member on the wait list may be moved to the front of the wait list if any of the following criteria are met:

  1. The potential Associate Member is in an industry that is not currently a member of BOMA Jacksonville, and the potential Associate Member will join BOMA Jacksonville as an Associate Member and an Annual Platinum Sponsor.
  2. If there is a potential Principal Member who qualifies for the Principal Scholarship Fund, a potential Associate Member may join at the same time as said potential Principal Member, if the potential Associate Member provides in addition to their initial membership fee an additional amount equal to the then-current annual dues of a Principal Member into the BOMA Jacksonville Principal Scholarship Fund. 
  3. The potential Associate Member is a local affiliate of a BOMA International Cornerstone Partner or Leadership Circle Partners.     


Associate Member Renewal Requirements Policy

In an effort to encourage our Associate Members to get active, participate and build relationships, each Associate Member must meet the following criteria to be eligible to renew membership.  This includes, but is not limited to, attending 50% of the monthly luncheons, joining or chairing a committee, and actively participating on that committee. Failure to meet these requirements will disqualify that Associate Member from being considered for future membership renewal.




  1. Principal Scholarship Fund Policy

The BOMA Jacksonville Principal Scholarship Fund will be used for the issuance of a one (1) year Complimentary Member for a deserving prospective Property/Building Manager or Facility Manager, who has displayed an interest in, and a commitment to being an active BOMA Jacksonville Principal member.  This Scholarship is to assist a Property Manager/Building or Facility Manager for only a one (1) year term and is not intended to become a perpetual means of a Principal member who has received a Scholarship to seek additional Scholarships for continued membership in BOMA Jacksonville. This Scholarship is intended for a candidate who is in financial need or who does not have the budget for membership during the current year.  The intention is that the candidate would progress into a full paying member moving forward.

The selection process will be based upon recruitment of a new candidate that has been recruited through means of the Membership Committee, a recent relocation of employment by a current active Principal Member to a company not currently budgeted for a Membership in that fiscal year, or from an existing BOMA Jacksonville member who has recruited that individual.  The candidate will be required to commit to attending 50% of BOMA Jacksonville Lunches and join or chair a committee.

The candidate will be asked to provide a letter of Qualification to BOMA Jacksonville to the attention of the Officers and Board Members of said organization requesting the use of a “Scholarship” and a brief narrative of their existing financial situation and what their commitment to BOMA Jacksonville will entail. A letter from their employer must be submitted with the candidate’s letter approving such scholarship.

This “Letter of Qualification” will be provided for all Officers and Board Members to review at the next Board Meeting and will become an item placed on the agenda for review at said meeting.

The candidate will interview with a minimum of 2 members for the membership committee and the BAE and demonstrate a desire to be an active Principal Member in the association, join a committee and attend monthly luncheons.

The membership committee will vote for a recommendation for membership based on the report, the interview and the qualification letter.

A vote will take place by the Board after the letters have been reviewed and discussed on who will be awarded a Scholarship.

If the Board Members are in agreement to accept the candidate into membership into BOMA Jacksonville, the candidate will be advised that the Scholarship is based on participation and if they fail to attend monthly luncheons or participate on a committee the Complimentary Membership can be revoked by the Board of Directors.          

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  1. Harassment and Alcohol Policy


BOMA Jacksonville believes that each individual has the right to be free from harassment because of age, color, religion, creed, national origin or sex.  Sexual harassment is defined as including unwelcome physical contact; sexually explicit language or gestures; uninvited or unwanted sexual advances; offensive overall environment, including the use of vulgar language; the presence of sexually explicit photographs or other materials; and the telling of sexual stories.  BOMA Jacksonville will not tolerate any form of sexual harassment by any member or any member’s guest. Members are responsible for ensuring their guests adhere to this policy.

Responsible Drinking

Recognizing the emphasis on networking receptions and events and the potential for alcohol abuse, BOMA Jacksonville encourages responsible drinking by all members and all members’ guests.  Members are responsible for ensuring their guests adhere to this policy.   This policy is to protect individual members and the association overall. BOMA Jacksonville sponsored receptions will offer non-alcoholic beverages as well and no alcohol will be served to anyone under the age of 21.  BOMA Jacksonville reserves the right to request valid picture identification indicating the date of birth of any individual requesting an alcoholic beverage.

If an event has alcohol being served, the alcohol must be served by an entity that holds a liquor permit and must adhere to specific service guidelines. No association member can serve alcohol at any time due to liability issues. In addition, drink tickets or a cash bar will be the only means of distributing alcoholic beverages. Open bar situations will be permitted based on board approval for specific events with certain restrictions imposed by the board.

While attending BOMA Jacksonville social functions, please be aware we are in a professional environment and need to conduct ourselves accordingly.  Also, Committee and Board meetings are asked to refrain from providing alcohol until after meeting agenda items have been covered.  If, at any time, someone appears intoxicated, he or she will be denied further consumption.

BOMA Jacksonville appreciates everyone’s adherence to this policy.  If at any time you observe anyone violating this policy, you are encouraged to report such violation to a board member.

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  1. Whistleblower Policy

BOMA Jacksonville Code of Ethics, policies and practices require directors, officers and members to observe high standards of business and personal ethics in the conduct of their duties and responsibilities. Members and representatives of the association are expected to practice honesty and integrity in fulfilling their responsibilities and comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Reporting Responsibility

It is the responsibility of all directors, officers and members to comply with all codes and policies and to report violations or suspected violations in accordance with this Whistleblower Policy.

No Retaliation

No director, officer or member who in good faith reports a violation shall suffer harassment, retaliation or adverse consequences. Any member who retaliates against someone who has reported a violation in good faith is subject to discipline up to and including termination of membership. This Whistleblower Policy is intended to encourage and enable employees and others to raise serious concerns within the association prior to seeking resolution outside the association.

Reporting Violations

BOMA Jacksonville has an open-door policy and suggests that members share their questions, concerns, suggestions or complaints with someone who can address them properly. In most cases, the BAE is in the best position to address an area of concern. However, if any member is not comfortable speaking with the BAE or is not satisfied with the response received, they are encouraged to speak with someone in a leadership position whom they are comfortable approaching. The BAE is required to report suspected violations of codes and policies to the Organization’s Compliance Officer (BOMA Jacksonville’s Executive Committee), who has specific and exclusive responsibility to investigate all reported violations. For suspected fraud, or when someone is not satisfied or uncomfortable with following the association’s open-door policy, individuals should contact the association’s Compliance Officer directly.

Compliance Officer (which shall be BOMA Jacksonville’s Executive Committee)

The Executive Committee of the association shall be the Compliance Officer for BOMA Jacksonville.  The Compliance Officer is responsible for investigating and resolving all reported complaints and allegations concerning violations of the codes and policies.

Acting in Good Faith

Anyone filing a complaint concerning a violation or suspected violation of codes or policies must be acting in good faith and have reasonable grounds for believing the information disclosed indicates a violation. Complaints should not be made maliciously or with knowingly false information.


Violations or suspected violations may be submitted on a confidential basis by the complainant or may be submitted anonymously. Reports of violations or suspected violations will be kept confidential to the extent possible, consistent with the need to conduct an adequate investigation.

Handling of Reported Violations

All reports will be promptly investigated, and appropriate corrective action will be taken if warranted by the investigation. 

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  1. Antitrust Policy

It is the policy of BOMA Jacksonville to comply strictly with the letter and spirit of all federal, state, and applicable international trade regulations and antitrust laws.  Any activities of the association or association-related actions of its staff, officers, directors, or members that violate these regulations and laws are detrimental to the interest of the association and are unequivocally contrary to association policy.

Antitrust Policy Statement

Association activities are under the jurisdiction of federal and state antitrust laws.  These laws regulate trade and commerce to prohibit unlawful restraints and to promote competition.  Members of associations are prohibited from reaching any understanding that affects the price of a product, regardless of the purpose of the understanding.

BOMA Jacksonville requires that all its activities be conducted strictly in accordance with these laws.  Each company representative is responsible for complying with this policy at all times, both at formal association meetings and in informal discussions in any other place.  Any discussions among competitors concerning prices, warranties, terms and conditions of sales, allocation of markets to customers, production costs and plans, or persons or companies with whom your company will or will not do business could be interpreted as signaling or tacit agreement leading to collusion.   Antitrust violations have the possibility of resulting in civil and criminal penalties.

By way of example, a member should never discuss current or future prices, or what constitutes a fair profit level.  However, it is permissible to discuss methods by which a company may become more profitable by acquiring better knowledge of its own costs or summarizing effective methods of marketing or purchasing.

Use your common sense.  Think before you speak or write.  Consider how your remarks may be interpreted in and out of context.  Remember the importance of both actual compliance with the antitrust laws, and avoiding an appearance of non-compliance, including creating any situation that could be misinterpreted as non-compliant.  Whenever any concern arises, inform the association’s management executives and/or seek legal counsel immediately.

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